The one thing every business wants is attention.

Whether it's social media buzz, word of mouth or just happy clients convincing their friends that you're the best in your category, everyone wants some recognition.

But what happens when there is not a peep of acknowledgment? No applause, no notice and no leads heading our way.

It's enough to make any entrepreneur want to just quit, cry and placate themselves with carbs... or maybe that's just me 🙂

So I've come up with a list of the top reasons why a business may not be getting the attention it deserves.

Hopefully none of these resonate, but if they do... well, some marketing and branding tweaks may be in order.

Why Your Business Isn't Getting The Attention It Deserves

1. It’s just plain ugly. Your branding, the colors, imagery, and mood used in your marketing material are not attractive to your target audience.

2. Something is confusing. Either it’s not clear what you're selling, who you're selling to, what you specialize in, or the benefits of your product. And because people are busy and distracted, they’ve already moved on to the next shiny object.

3. There's inconsistency. People crave consistency and want to see a brand aligned around an individual theme, mood, or idea. It’s the consistency that makes iconic brands so... iconic. Plus, it delivers a sense of comfort.

4. No pull factor. Maybe your copy is stale. Maybe your message lacks emotion. Either way, something about what you’re offering is just not compelling enough to get people to pay attention.

5. Nothing original. If you’re too similar to other brands, customers won’t be able to remember you. A logo, color scheme or brand position that blends in with all the competition won’t help you get remembered.

6. You don’t seem genuine. Maybe your wording is a bit pompous or your promises seem over the top, but something is making your clients second guess just how trustworthy you are. And people need to trust you before they can buy from you.

7. There’s just no proof. You’re not on social media, you have no testimonials and nothing comes up from a google search.

8. Who the heck are you guys? People aren’t sure who runs the business, where the company is located or what your values are. It’s hard to pay attention to a faceless name.

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