I can’t be the first one to have told you the news that blogging is good for business.

After all, marketers in the B2B space that blog receive 67% more leads than those that do not.

But it can be hard to get started; and coming up with ideas of what to write about is one of the biggest hurdles. I’ve had my own share of bloggers’ bloc and I can assure you that staring at a blank google doc waiting for inspiration in the form of a viral blog post to burst forth from my fingertips is far from enjoyable. In my blogging journey, however, I’ve learned a lot about generating new ideas for blog posts and I’m going to share them with you right here.

Three things that will generate blog topics:

  • Commonly asked questions
  • What clients need to know
  • Small, actionable tips

Commonly Asked Questions

You know those questions that seem to pop up again and again? Whether it’s potential clients, curious relatives or people you meet at a networking event, certain questions about your business seem to be on a repetitive loop. But instead of growing frustrated with those questions you keep getting, why not whip them up into some neat little blog posts?

Those questions are probably so frequent because they address the core of what you do; it’s how the world evaluates what you do, the value you give your clients and the most confusing parts of your industry.

For example, one of the top questions I get is “What topics should I blog about?”; and here I am answering that very question in my blog. Yes, the meta-ness of all this is not lost to me. By paying attention to this question I’ve learned that blogging is a struggle for many; so I can assume that anyone following my blog or social media posts will also find this topic relevant.

What your potential clients need to know to hire you

You need your clients to understand certain things before they even hire you. For example, if you’re an HR consultant you need your clients to understand the importance of an outside voice to help shape and improve their working environment. Until they see the value of having that outside perspective, they won’t hire you.

Let your blog posts highlight the value that a consultant can have on the company by explaining how certain HR practices can transform the work environment and improve company morale. Maybe the potential client you want to attract doesn’t even realize the differences that a new methodology could generate. Once he’s educated on the options and opportunities for improvement, he’ll be motivated to hire you to help implement that.

And don’t worry about giving away the secrets to your methods. It isn’t likely that potential clients will read what you do and do it themselves. A client that is the right fit typically won’t have the time or patience to do it themselves and will gladly hire you, with your experience and knowledge, to implement the impressive strategy or technique you just shared.

Small, actionable tips

Few things bother me more than reading an entire blog post only to realize it was a jumble of fluff and buzzwords. With so much competing for my attention, I want to be rewarded with massive amounts of value, and practical advice, for the time spent reading a blog post.

The best kinds leave you with something tactical to do; a concrete step you can take to make your life or business better. Give your readers tips, tools, strategies and suggestions that they can implement easily. And as Pat Flynn so eloquently explains, “A small, quick win helps people associate reward with whatever helped to produce it.”