The Branding Styilst

Meet Tova Herskovitz, Founder of The Branding Stylist

It all began at Ogilvy and Mather…

I was 10 years old and it was a Take Your Daughter To Work Day that a family friend, an employee of Ogilvy and Mather, brought me too.

Somewhere between then and now, I developed an interest in psychology. I went to Rutgers, got a masters degree in social work and forget that art, marketing and creativity were something I had loved since I was a little girl sitting in a room full of women in 90’s powersuits.

Today I fully embrace both passions as the founder of The Branding Stylist, a social media and online marketing consultancy, practicing the art of marketing and using my knowledge of human behavior and motivation to better assist business owners in creating a more compelling and authentic brand and online marketing strategy.

The Branding Stylist

Specializing in service based businesses and b2b, The Branding Stylist team can curate content, create content and develop exciting strategies to broadcast your content to your target audience.

Our services:

* Online Media Strategy *
* Social Media Management *
* Email Marketing *
* Branding *
* Content Creation *
* Social Media Tutorials *


People with magical fingers.

Including blog posts, social posts, bios, Linkedin summaries and ad copy.


People who oversee your profile on social media.

Including your  instagram, facebook, Linkedin, pinterest, or twitter account.


People who make things look pretty.

Including social posts, online ads, websites and landing pages.

Sounds Good?

Let’s talk about how we can put our team of talented people to work for your business and get you up and running on social media.

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Need more than just consulting? Check out my newest venture Boss Brands which offers web design, social media management and branding for brands who want to look like a boss.