Is Linkedin like Facebook?

Not quite…

Instead of viewing LinkedIn as the more buttoned up version of Facebook, your activity on the platform should be far more strategic.

Think of LinkedIn as a virtual business networking event where you can meet and impress some of the most influential people in your industry (and a healthy dose of clients). 

You don’t want to come across as arrogant, silly, unprofessional or random. Your activity on Linkedin should be carefully considered and work in tandem with your personal brand and professional interests.

Here’s a guide to what you should and shouldn’t post:

What to post on LinkedIn:

  1. Your opinion on industry trends.
  2. News related to your business.
  3. Shared content from thought leaders in your field.
  4. Original blog articles.
  5. Events, conferences, networking opportunities that you are attending (or would like to).
  6. Content relating to your brand*

How to find content to post:

  1. Ruzzit
  2. Google alert
  3. Inc.
  4. Forbes
  5. Looking up the blogs, twitter feeds, or linkedin profiles of thought leaders you admire.
  6. Searching for hashtags related to your profession in the Linkedin search bar
  7. Joining an industry specific Linkedin group
  8. Scrolling through your own feed (and sharing what’s popular)

What NOT to post on linkedin:

  1. Political posts.
  2. Pictures from your kid’s birthday party.
  3. Funny cartoons (and the not-so-funny ones).
  4. Inspirational quotes unrelated to business.
  5. Anything you wouldn’t want potential clients to associate you with.
  6. Anything too far outside of your industry/area of expertise.
  7. Recipes.
  8. Any promotional material for consumer products (such as makeup, clothing, toys, or furniture).
  9. Frequent self promotion (anything more than the occasional sales pitch is too much)

*Not quite sure what your brand is? Let me help you. My ‘build a brand’ worksheet was created to help you jump-start the (sometimes overwhelming) process of building out your brand. Get started here.